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Welcome to our FAQ page, where we address the most common generator questions from Charleston residents. Whether you’re considering investing in a backup power solution or simply want to learn more about how a generator can benefit your home, especially in a region prone to storms and hurricanes, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we provide clear, comprehensive answers to help you understand everything you need to know about selecting, installing, and maintaining a generator.

Our goal is to ensure you are fully informed so you can make the best decision for your power needs. Read on to find answers to your most pressing generator questions and discover why a reliable generator is a crucial investment for any Charleston home.

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1. Who needs a generator?

Virtually anyone who experiences power outages can benefit from having a generator, but it is especially crucial for residents in areas prone to severe weather, such as Charleston, SC. There are various types of power generators to meet different needs, including portable generators ideal for occasional use during camping or outdoor events, and automatic standby generators designed for seamless home power backup. Homeowners who require uninterrupted power for medical equipment, work-from-home setups, or simply want to ensure their family’s comfort and safety during power outages should consider a generator as an essential investment. While we specialize in Generac generators, known for their reliability and efficiency, the right type for you will depend on your specific power needs and circumstances.

2. How much does a generator cost?

The cost of a generator varies widely depending on its type and the specific needs it serves. For instance, smaller portable generators typically cost less and are suitable for temporary uses like powering tools on a job site or essential items during a camping trip. On the other hand, whole home generators, which provide a more comprehensive power solution, require a larger initial investment. These systems not only cover the cost of the generator itself but also the installation, which can be substantial. Installation costs vary based on the complexity of your home’s existing electrical system, local building codes, and the necessary preparations to accommodate the unit safely. To get a clear understanding of what a generator would cost for your specific application, it’s best to consider both the generator’s price and the associated installation costs.

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3. Why do you sell Generac Generators?

We choose to sell Generac generators because of their proven reliability, innovation, and strong reputation in the industry. Generac is one of the leading brands in backup power solutions, known for manufacturing high-quality generators that offer excellent performance and durability. Their range of products includes options that cater to both residential and commercial needs, ensuring that there is a Generac generator suitable for any application or requirement. Additionally, Generac generators are equipped with advanced features like automatic transfer switches, Mobile Link™ remote monitoring, and Quiet-Test™ technology, enhancing their functionality and user convenience. By specializing in Generac, we ensure our customers receive a product backed by decades of engineering expertise and supported by comprehensive warranties. This focus allows us to provide not only a top-tier product but also expert installation and maintenance, ensuring that each generator performs optimally for years to come.

4. What is a Whole Home Generator?

A whole home generator, also known as a standby or permanent generator, is designed to provide a reliable power supply to your entire house automatically during a power outage. Unlike portable generators, which are meant for temporary or occasional use, whole home generators are installed permanently outside your home and connected directly to your electrical system. They typically run on natural gas, propane, or diesel, and can start automatically within seconds of detecting a power outage. This ensures that essential systems like heating and cooling, refrigeration, lighting, and medical equipment continue to operate seamlessly, without any intervention from the homeowner. Whole home generators are particularly valuable in areas prone to severe weather, providing peace of mind and continuous power, safeguarding against potential damages and inconveniences caused by extended blackouts.

5. What is a Transfer Switch?

A transfer switch is a crucial component of a generator system, particularly for whole home generators. It’s an electrical device that safely connects your home’s electrical system to the generator and disconnects it from the utility power. This switch is essential for safely transitioning the power source from the main power grid to the generator when an outage occurs, and vice versa when utility power is restored.

The transfer switch ensures that the generator does not send power back into the utility lines, or “backfeed,” which can be dangerous to utility workers and the public. It also helps manage the load of your home’s electrical demand by prioritizing essential circuits during an outage, thus preventing the generator from being overloaded. Professionally installed transfer switches make using your generator as seamless and safe as possible, automating the switch-over process without the need for manual intervention, ensuring your home has a consistent power supply during outages.

6. How much maintenance is required on a generator?

Maintaining a generator is essential to ensure its reliability and longevity, especially when it’s needed most during unexpected power outages. The maintenance required can vary based on the type of generator, how often it’s used, and the environment in which it’s operating. Typically, routine maintenance includes checking the engine oil level, replacing the oil and oil filters, inspecting the air filter, and ensuring the unit is clean and free from debris. It’s also important to regularly test the generator under load to ensure it’s ready for actual use.

At WingatePower, we understand that maintaining a generator might seem daunting, which is why we offer comprehensive maintenance plans tailored to keep your generator in optimal condition. Our maintenance plans include regular check-ups, scheduled service, and immediate repairs as needed. These services not only extend the life of your generator but also guarantee it operates efficiently when you need it most. Let us handle the technical care of your generator so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your backup power will be ready and reliable at all times.

7. Does WingatePower handle warranty service on Generac Generators? 

Yes, as an authorized dealer of Generac generators, WingatePower handles all aspects of repairs, service, and warranty claims. Our authorization means we have direct access to genuine Generac parts and support, which ensures that any service or repair work is carried out according to the company’s high standards. This comprehensive approach allows us to address warranty issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing any inconvenience to you. By choosing WingatePower for your Generac generator needs, you can be confident that you have professional support throughout the life of your generator, with expert handling of any warranty services required to keep your generator performing at its best.

8. Will WingatePower outsource any part of my generator project?

No, WingatePower does not outsource any part of your generator project. All work, from the initial consultation and installation to maintenance and service, is performed in-house by our team of certified technicians. As master electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, we handle every aspect of the project ourselves to ensure the highest standards of quality and service. This includes obtaining all necessary permits for the installation. By managing the permitting process, we ensure that all work complies with local codes and regulations, further simplifying the process for you. By keeping all tasks in-house, we maintain complete control over the project, providing you with a seamless experience and peace of mind knowing that every component of the job is carried out by skilled professionals familiar with your specific needs and our strict quality criteria.

9. What are some of the important things I should be looking for in a generator?

When selecting a generator, several key factors should be considered to ensure you choose a model that meets your specific needs. These include the generator’s power capacity to handle your home’s energy requirements, fuel type for efficiency and availability, the reliability of the brand, ease of maintenance, and additional features such as automatic start and remote monitoring capabilities. It’s also crucial to consider the noise level, especially in residential areas, and whether the generator comes with a robust warranty.

To help you navigate these considerations, we recommend downloading our free guide, “5 Things Every Generator Should Have.”

This guide provides detailed insights into choosing the right generator, focusing on the essential features that ensure your generator is reliable, efficient, and suitable for your home or business. Whether you’re preparing for seasonal storms or ensuring continuous power for medical devices or work-from-home needs, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Download it today to start exploring your options and to learn how to select the perfect generator for your needs.

10. I still have questions. Where can I get more assistance?

If you still have questions or need more detailed information, the best way to get assistance is to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home consultation with one of our experts at WingatePower. During this consultation, we will assess your specific needs based on the layout and energy requirements of your home. We’ll help you determine the right size generator for your needs, discuss the best options available, and provide a precise, accurately priced quote for the entire project.

This personalized consultation ensures that all your concerns are addressed, and you receive tailored advice on choosing and installing the perfect generator.

Our goal is to make sure you feel confident and informed about your decision, with all the information needed to ensure your home is prepared for any power outage. Contact Wingate Power today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards reliable and efficient home power management.

11. Do home backup generators require routine maintenance?

Yes, home generators do require routine maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently and reliably when you need them most. Regular maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, extends the lifespan of your generator, and ensures it performs optimally during power outages. Just like a car engine needs regular oil changes and check-ups, your generator needs similar care to keep running smoothly.

At WingatePower, we offer comprehensive annual maintenance plans designed to keep your generator in peak condition. Our plans cover all essential maintenance tasks, including inspections, oil changes, and performance checks, giving you peace of mind that your generator is always ready for any emergency. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable, annual maintenance plans and how they can help protect your investment and ensure continuous power for your home.

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