Reliable Emergency Generator Home Solutions: Hurricane and Storm Readiness

emergency generator home in storm and hurricane back up power

Written by: Billy Wingate

Master Electrician / Master Plumber / Residential Carpenter

Owner and operator of Wingate Power with over 30 years of experience in electrical work.

Published: May 22, 2024

When the power goes out, an emergency home generator is your first line of defense. In this guide, we’ll explore how a standby generator can ensure your home maintains electricity in the face of unpredictable outages. Discover the essentials of selecting, installing, and maintaining an emergency home generator that keeps your home running smoothly, even during severe weather disruptions.

Key Takeaways

  • Generac standby generators provide reliable emergency power that kicks in automatically during outages, preventing disruption to household routines and avoiding spoilage of perishable foods.
  • Generac generators offer the flexibility to run on either natural gas or propane, ensuring they can provide uninterrupted power regardless of the availability of municipal gas supplies, notably important during hurricane season or natural disasters.
  • WingatePower ensures expert installation and ongoing maintenance for Generac generators, with a dedicated team of in-house specialists and tailored solutions to meet specific home needs for continuous power support.

The Heartbeat of Your Home: Generac Standby Generators

Generac standby generators offer the following benefits:

  • Exceptional reliability during power outages caused by natural disasters
  • Unwavering dedication to quality since 1959
  • Innovative, efficient, and durable power source
  • User-friendly interface and quiet performance
  • Expert installation by WingatePower for seamless integration into your home’s power management system

Choose Generac for a reliable and efficient backup power solution for your home.

Generac generators serve as a cornerstone of household security, not just emergency equipment. Engineered to sense the loss of utility power and restore your home’s electricity without missing a beat, they maintain a sense of normalcy even in the most chaotic weather conditions. Whether it’s a stormy night or a clear day, the automatic backup power of a Generac home standby generator means your family’s daily routine goes uninterrupted.

Seamless Transition During Power Outages

In the critical moments following a power outage, the true test of an emergency generator arises. Generac generators ace this test by automatically detecting the outage and restoring power within seconds, offering a seamless transition. This swift response is made possible by advanced transfer switch technology, which ensures that your home’s electricity resumes almost instantaneously, keeping your lights on and your family secure.

Imagine never having to scramble for candles or worry about the food in your freezer during a power outage. Whether you are home or away, the Generac system autonomously activates and runs continuously until utility power is restored. This automatic backup power feature is not just about convenience; it’s about providing you with the assurance that your home stays powered, always.

The Convenience of Natural Gas or Propane Fueling

Demonstrating Generac’s ingenuity, homeowners are offered the convenience of selecting either natural gas or liquid propane as their backup power source. This dual-fuel capability is not only efficient but also allows you to select the most economical and readily available fuel in your locality, considering local costs, availability, and personal preferences.

Regardless of whether you’re connected to the municipal natural gas supply or own a propane tank, a Generac generator stands ready to respond immediately to a power outage.

The Assurance of Continuous Connectivity

In today’s connected world, losing power can mean losing the ability to connect. Generac generators safeguard your continuous access to communication, security systems, and servers, even amidst the most unpredictable power outages. With Generac, you can keep in touch with loved ones, stay informed with news updates, and maintain the security of your home, providing you with a sense of control and security even in the darkest of times.

Protecting Perishables from Spoiled Food

One of the silent casualties of power outages is the perishable food stored in our refrigerators and freezers. Generac generators serve as a protective barrier, preventing these essential items from spoiling. With the capability to power entire homes, including major appliances, Generac ensures that your refrigerator and freezer keep running smoothly, guarding against financial loss and waste.

Storm Readiness with Generac

As the hurricane season casts its shadow over Charleston, SC, from June to October, residents understand the critical importance of being prepared. Unfailingly providing a source of backup power immune to the disruptions often seen in natural gas supplies during severe weather events, Generac generators can run on indefinitely storable propane. This reliability is part of a comprehensive approach to storm readiness that includes Generac’s dependable home backup power solutions.

Essential Emergency Preparedness Steps

Preparedness is a process, not a product. It begins with crafting a personal emergency plan well before the winds pick up, ensuring all family members are informed and that the plan is revisited and updated regularly. Financial preparedness, including having rental insurance and accessible cash reserves, is also vital, as ATMs and electronic transactions may be disrupted during a storm.

A well-stocked emergency supply kit with non-perishable food, water, medical supplies, and important documents is indispensable, tailored for quick evacuation if necessary.

Expert Installation and Maintenance by WingatePower

WingatePower matches the excellence of Generac generators by providing expert installation and maintenance services. With a team of in-house specialists including a Master Electrician, Master Plumber, and Residential Carpenter, WingatePower ensures that your Generac generator is installed with utmost precision and care, eliminating the need for subcontracting and ensuring adherence to the highest standards of safety and performance.

Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction, WingatePower designs bespoke Generac generator solutions tailored to each home’s unique needs. The process begins with a free in-home consultation, allowing the experts at WingatePower to understand your specific requirements and provide a detailed, transparent quote that spells out the installation without any hidden costs.

The professional team of master electricians, plumbers, and carpenters then deliver an installation service that ensures your Generac generator is perfectly suited to your home’s emergency power needs.

Ongoing Support and Service

Once installation is complete, WingatePower, an authorized service provider for Generac Generators, transitions into a role of ongoing support and service. Complementing this is Generac’s own 24/7 customer service, which ensures constant access to help and peace of mind.

To keep your Generac generator in peak condition, WingatePower offers specialized maintenance services, addressing any warranty claims or service issues promptly and professionally.

Peace of Mind for Your Family

Generac generators do more than just keep the lights on; they ensure your family’s safety and peace of mind. The assurance that your alarm systems remain active and vital appliances continue to function during power outages means that you can sleep soundly, knowing your home and loved ones are protected.

The emotional relief that comes with this level of preparedness cannot be overstated, as families discover the profound impact of having a reliable power source, such as a server, in times of uncertainty.

Preparing Your Home for Emergency Power

To fully leverage the benefits of a Generac generator, it’s crucial to focus on proper preparation and professional installation. It starts with selecting the right installation site for your generator, considering factors like safety regulations and property layout. The installation process may also include obtaining necessary permits, ensuring your Generac system complies with local laws and operates safely and efficiently.

In some cases, meter upgrades might be required to manage the electrical load and supply distribution effectively.


From the comfort of your home to the intricacies of storm preparedness, Generac standby generators and WingatePower’s professional services provide a comprehensive solution to power outages. Together, they ensure that your family remains safe, connected, and comfortable, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. Embrace the power of preparedness and let Generac and WingatePower shield your home from the unexpected.

If you have questions or need help deciding on a generator to prepare for the next storm, request a FREE in-home consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Generac known for?

Generac is known for producing durable and efficient generators with innovative technology, providing reliable automatic backup power for homes during power outages.

How do Generac generators work during a power outage?

Generac generators work by automatically detecting a power outage and swiftly restoring electricity to your home, ensuring uninterrupted comfort and safety for your household.

Can Generac generators run on different fuel types?

Yes, Generac generators can run on different fuel types, such as natural gas or liquid propane, providing flexibility for homeowners based on local availability and cost.

What services does WingatePower offer for Generac generators?

WingatePower offers expert installation, maintenance, and repair services for Generac generators to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Why is it important to have a backup generator in hurricane-prone areas like Charleston, SC?

Having a backup generator in hurricane-prone areas like Charleston, SC is important to ensure continuous power for critical medical equipment, security systems, and household appliances, enhancing safety and minimizing disruption during power outages.

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